“Learn to embrace rejection as part of the gig. Keep writing, pitching and reading.” This is a quote from American journalist Michael Hastings. Hastings’ words summarise my experience with Wikinews and my attempts to “break into” the world of journalism. Prior to my participation in JOUR311, I had successfully published my articles in a few […]

With one success under my belt, I was excited, determined and ready to publish again on Wikinews. Researching current news on the internet in class, I came across breaking news about floods inundating Russia. This story had newsworthiness, human interest and had not been covered by many other publications, which is why I decided to […]

I decided to double my chances of publication the same day I tried to publish my article about floods in Russia. I found an interesting and newsworthy story that focused on the type of corrupting that I thought Wikinews would want on their website. The story was about hard drives from the Guardian London office […]

With only one story published on Wikinews and more determination than I could handle, I knew I had to put in the hard yards and try harder to get another story published. I decided to go with something different, under the guidance of my peer editor. The story was about a bog body that was […]

With four stories completed and only one published, I persevered with the hope that my fifth story would be the one. In my research, I decided to not go for different or conspired stories. I instead, looked back to my first publication and decided to find a fresh story that had the same elements as my […]

Editors have long been considered at the top of the food chain in journalism, especially in newsrooms. I have only worked with editors via email before, where I have pitched my stories to various news sites and had the editor either accept or decline my submission. During my internships and work in newspapers, I have […]

To increase my editing experience, I decided to edit some articles on Wikinews. I found two articles, one of which was written by a fellow JOUR311 student whereas the other was not. I found that this type of editing wasn’t as effective or productive as the face-to-face editing I participated in previously. By just editing […]