Teamwork creates terrific work

To increase my editing experience, I decided to edit some articles on Wikinews. I found two articles, one of which was written by a fellow JOUR311 student whereas the other was not. I found that this type of editing wasn’t as effective or productive as the face-to-face editing I participated in previously. By just editing someone’s work online, I felt that collegiately was missing and I struggled to comment on their work without knowing them personally. American journalist and digital editor Steve Buttry recognises that a newsrooms success is based on teamwork, just as much as individual excellence. I believe that through the relationship Bec and I formed in the newsroom, we were able to succeed with two published articles each. Without the environment to create such a relationship, teamwork fails and success becomes hard to achieve. The two articles I edited on Wikinews were not immediately published like my own and Bec’s two successful articles were.

wikinews1 wikinews2
Buttry recognises that teamwork allows stories to evolve, while educating journalists involved and creates greater accuracy in the newsroom. I believe that these results are essential to newsrooms as they ensure the core values of journalism are met and a positive environment remains among journalists. Without collegiately and a positive team environment, mistakes are more likely to occur and the readers as well as the editors needs and expectations are met.


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