Determination amidst a revolution

With only one story published on Wikinews and more determination than I could handle, I knew I had to put in the hard yards and try harder to get another story published. I decided to go with something different, under the guidance of my peer editor. The story was about a bog body that was found in Ireland and was identified as a 4000 year old King. It was quirky and different and a part of me thought it would be something unique that the reviewers at Wikinews would receive positively.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.52.05 AM

The research I found was older than what I usually used; it ranged from two to three days ago. I decided to take the bullet and give it ago, hoping that the story’s rarity would see me get published. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The story was considered stale, which I believe that it was as well. However, Greensdale argues that journalism is getting beneath the news, whether it is stale or not, whereas reporting is what the internet does via Twitter, where everyone can read breaking news reports as they happen. There is no room for reporting in newspapers anymore, as by the time it reaches a newspaper, it has already been spread on social media and is therefore stale. Is this why my story was considered stale on Wikinews?
That could be the answer, or possibly Wikinews isn’t interested in journalism, it may just be interested in reporting.

While I believe my article was a great, unique story, it didn’t have a place in the Wikinews newsroom. The importance of newsworthiness in newsrooms was made apparent to me again with the unsuccessful publication of this story. It made me reflect the all-important news values that every journalism student and journalist knows.

For a story to be published, in most cases it needs to be timely, current and prominent and therefore encompass newsworthiness. I have always been aware of this, but thought that this one off story could be the one that gets exposure because of its difference. The part of me that still believed in true journalism rather than social media reporting, believed that Wikinews would take my story and publish it. However, by not getting published on Wikinews, the core news values in newsrooms were reiterated to me, but also, the changing nature of journalism was made apparent to me.


Could Twitter be the future of journalism?
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I wonder now, how many online news websites wish to remain as journalism or move towards reporting, with the aid of Twitter and other social media websites.


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